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Baby Ballet

Baby Ballet encourages self-expression and fun! In this class, children learn to respond to music, improve balance and agility, and express their feelings through the art of dance. A wide variety of music and fun props such as scarves, teddy bears, and hula hoops will keep your little one entertained. Wear comfortable clothes to move easily and bare feet or ballet shoes. May be offered as a parent and child program or a child only program


Creative Combo Dance

Creative Combo Dance program that combines different dance styles and movement. CREATIVE DANCE uses scarves, ribbons, and other props to teach tempo, levels, and improve listening skills. HIPPITY-HOP is great for high energy children and reinforces gross motor skills. BALLET provides the foundation of dance with grace, balance, and structure. TAP teaches rhythm and musicality. JAZZ develops coordination and poise while building on other dance styles. With such a variety of dance, children expand their dance experience and further develop self-expression. Dance shoes are not required but children can NOT dance in open-toe shoes. Closed-toe shoes are fine. Students should wear comfortable clothing. Dance attire is not required



This upbeat class combines the basics of both tumbling and dance. Elementary principles of ballet and jazz will be introduced including foot positions, port de bras, isolations and progressions. Children will develop coordination, balance and flexibility through gymnastics stretches, skills and basic tumbling. At the end of class we bring out the props - scarves, teddy bears and other items to finish with too much fun!


Hippity Hop

This introduction to hip-hop class is for boys and girls who love to dance and have lots of energy! Music and instruction is age-appropriate. Children learn musicality, improve balance, agility, coordination and rhythm. Wear comfortable clothes and sneakers.


Movement & Music

Movement and Music encourages grace, poise and self-expression. In this class, children will learn to respond to different types of music, and learn to express their thoughts and feelings through the art of dance. A wide variety of music will be incorporated, and fun props such as scarves, teddy bears and hula hoops will keep your little one entertained. Students may be barefoot, or wear ballet shoes. May be offered as a parent and child program or a child only program.



A first introduction to ballet - children will learn basic ballet positions, steps and routines. They will also dance to a wide variety of ballet and age-appropriate music, use props and have lots of fun! Children should wear ballet attire and ballet shoes.



This tap/ballet combination class introduces your child to the basics of both ballet and tap, combining creative movement, grace and balance. Students will be introduced to basic tap steps such as shuffles, rhythm exercises, and springs, and will learn elementary ballet including plies, tendus, passes, and the basic ballet positions. This upbeat class will also incorporate fun music and props such as scarves, teddy bears and hula hoops!



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Toddler & Preschool

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Toddler & Preschool

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Beginning Ballet gives students an introduction to classical ballet technique. Barre and Centre work will be covered in an age-appropriate manner, focusing on balance and coordination. Concepts such as turnout, pointed toes and body placement will be taught in a safe, anatomically correct manner. Children should wear ballet attire and ballet shoes. Parents may stay for the first 10 minutes of the first class, and are invited to watch the last class of the session.

Center Stage

Comedy and laughter are contagious in this truly entertaining program that combines drama, comedy and improv. Theatre games, costuming and props set the stage for a fun-filled time. Children tap into their creativity as they act spontaneously through improvisation and laugh along with others in comical skits. Material varies from short plays to skits and monologues. At the conclusion of this program, participants put their talents to work in the production of their very own show!

Dance, Act, Perform!

A unique blend of the various art disciplines leads to a one-of-a-kind variety show! From humorous skits to cultural folk tales, hip-hop to jazz, through comedy and drama, students will act, dance, and be guided through the production and performance of their very own entertainment show! With costumes, props, music, arts and crafts, students experience the wonderful world of the arts! This program is about creative expression: exploring, creating, and having fun! Participants build self-esteem, are inspired to develop individual talents, and realize the artist that lies within each of them. This course culminates with a performing arts variety show!

Get Up & Dance

Get up and dance to hip hop beats and other pop hit music! This class features exciting dance moves along with basic techniques that make for a great workout! Through a wonderful blend of popular dance styles and music, students are exposed to a range of genres, including easy-to-learn jazz and hip hop moves. Program culminates with a fun presentation!


High-energy dance classes provide hours of fun while promoting teamwork and improving coordination, stamina and overall good fitness. Dance steps are introduced slowly in easy to understand language. As students sharpen their moves and refine footwork, choreography is introduced. Instruction is broken down to simplify the learning process, thereby helping to instill confidence in all dancers. Program culminates with an exciting presentation!

Musical Revue

Featuring some of the hottest hits on Broadway and the big screen! Dance, act, and sing to musical numbers from your favorite shows! This program focuses on the different elements of group productions and essential performing skills that include character building, stage presence, and movement. The finale will star the entire cast in a variety show!


Discover the ancient art of paper folding. In our origami program, students learn basic folding techniques used to create an endless variety of origami models. Students will decorate their own special papers and use their folding skills to create projects and games. This program is suitable for children of all ages as a wide range of designs are presented. Students begin with simple models and move on to more complicated levels. While origami is a fun and educational art form it also supports other learning areas such as math and science concepts

Wizards and Wands

Learn the art of Wizard duels, potion making, spell casting, care of magical creatures and more! This program combines music, visual art, stage combat, dance and drama in a mystical journey through your imagination. Be transformed into students of The Hogwarts School and introduce friends and family to this magical world when they watch the final performance! 

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